What if simple bioelectric stimulation could enable your body to regenerate hair loss and restore a full healthy head of hair?

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The HairCell Hair Regeneration Protocol 

1. HairCell Bioelectric Stem Cell Homing and Regenerative Protein Expression Treatments – 2X a week for 20 to 40 minutes in clinic.
2. Amniotic fluid or PRP delivered via the DermaPenTM micro needle array – 2X a week.
3. TeslaBrushTM – bioelectric brush treatments – daily 20 minutes at home.
Not available in the USA at this time.

HairCell is a startup in the Leonhardt Ventures’s Cal-X Stars 5 Year Business Accelerator and Leonhardt’s Launchpads NorCal @ University of Northern California Science & Technology Innovation Center focused on hair regeneration.

The HairCell technology platform is based on the Leonhardt et. al patent and patent pending portfolio of technologies for a regeneration micro stimulator that controls expressions of specific proteins on demand for specific regenerative purposes in sequence.

(Investigational Use Only: Not Available For Sale)

1. SDF-1 (stem cell homing factor – recruits a persons own stem cells to stimulated tissues).

2. VEGF (for new blood vessel growth).

3  IGF-1 (for DNA repair at the nucleus level). 

4. Follistatin (for muscle and tissue regeneration).

5. RANKL (for demineralization and tissue loosening when needed).

6. Hepatocyte Growth Factor  (tissue regeneration)

7. eNOS (for dilating blood vessels for increasing flow).

8.  Tropoelastin (increases elasticity of any tissues such as skin, arteries, aorta, heart and promotes healing of wounds).

The stimulation signals are delivered non-invasively via a specially designed electrode equipped helmet which as originally designed for brain EEG analysis.   The micro stimulator is connected to this helmet and lies just behind the ear.

For very severe difficult cases and for more rapid hair regeneration we combine our micro stimulator with a stem cell/growth factor micro pump www.fluidsynchrony.com in our most advanced model which will be connected to a special device with low depth penetration hollow electro-acupuncture needles. 

New 2021 head electrode cap/helmet insert

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FDA 510K K113017 FDA Market Clearance Indications of Use
Related Indications for Medium Frequency (Russian), Biphasic, High Volt Pulsed Current (HVPC), Interferential (4P) and Premodulated (2P3) waveforms
  • Prevention or retardation of (scalp muscles) disuse atrophy
  • Increase local blood circulation (in hair scalp)
  • Saved special treatment protocols for each waveform (used for HairCell TM treatment). 
Manufactured for HairCell TM with pre-programmed protocol loaded into software by Mettler Electronics, 1333 South Claudina Ave. Anaheim, CA 92805 
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