Hair loss is one of the most common problems in the world. We generally experience it throughout the aging process, but it shouldn’t be so extreme that it starts impacting our self-esteem and confidence. The possible cures on the market are not as effective or practical, leading to the continued search for better results. Hair transplant surgery is one of the most expensive methods to get rid of severe hair loss. As well as this, there are some medications that are available without a prescription, but unfortunately, they are not effective for everyone. Men and women can both experience hair loss, although the patches of baldness are more common in men. Many researchers and scientists are still working on this critical problem so that an economical and painless solution can be found.

In this regard, the recent study by Engineer Xudong Wang from the University of Wisconsin-Madison has delivered a breakthrough result. Xudong Wang has developed a bendable, motion-activated headgear that stimulates hair regrowth through moderate electrical pulses. The gadget encourages hair growth in rats better than traditional medicines. Besides that, the interesting part is that the electrical pulse gadget can easily be concealed behind a baseball cap. Because the skin loses its ability to create new hair follicles after several years of baldness, the baseball cap will only work on a person who is currently losing their hair or has recently been bald.

The experiment revolved around the shaved rats to which these electrical pulse gadgets were applied. The movement of the rats generated energy and initiated new hair growth. Better results were found than with any other topical medication. The rats mimic human hair growth, which proves that it would be a tremendous invention for humans. Xudong Wang is still waiting for the signal of its clinical human trial from the authorities. He expects to initiate human research on the gadget within the next six months, testing it on men and women at different phases of baldness, and launch it next year. The success of this product might be the solution to hair loss.