Many things can make men nervous, but one of the most prominent examples is hair loss. Numerous men will develop hair loss at some point in their lives, but there are treatment options available. Now, thanks to researchers at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, there is a hat that can help men treat hair loss. It is a non-invasive treatment option that could prove to be a cost-effective treatment option for men who suffer from hair loss.

Recently, the researchers published their findings in a peer-reviewed journal. The treatment method has been developed based on devices that collect energy from the body on a daily basis. Then, this piece of hair growth technology stimulates the skin using low-frequency electrical pulses. This triggers dormant follicles, reactivating hair growth. Therefore, it could help men who are looking for a treatment option for hair loss.

Essentially, the device does not cause hair follicles to suddenly multiply in the skin. In reality, the devices are simply targeting hair follicles that may have gone dormant. Therefore, it could prove to be an effective treatment option for men who are still in the early stages of hair loss. Men who have already lost a significant amount of hair might benefit more from another hair loss treatment instead, which is where a doctor can be helpful.

With this treatment option, the devices are powered using natural body movements. They do not require complicated electronics or a large battery pack. It is even possible for someone to wear this device underneath an everyday baseball cap, meaning that they do not need to broadcast to the world that they are using it. This type of privacy could prove beneficial to countless men who struggle with hair loss every day.

Right now, there are many people who are eagerly anticipating the arrival of this treatment option on the open market. Many individuals with hair loss are tired of dealing with complications and side effects stemming from medications and surgical procedures. Now, it might be possible for someone to prevent hair loss from getting worse if they are able to use this non-invasive hair loss treatment option. It could change the way hair loss is treated.