Many people have their identities tied up in their hair. Therefore, when someone starts to lose their hair, it can be absolutely devastating. A lot of people believe that hair loss is something that impacts only men. Even though it is true that hair loss is common among men, it can affect women as well. For example, by the age of 50, approximately half of men have reported hair loss. Even though not as many women lose their hair, it is something that gets more common as people get older. Research studies indicate that approximately 20 percent of women in the United States suffer from some type of hair loss during the course of their life.

A lot of people suffer from severe self-esteem issues when they develop hair loss. For example, according to Liz Jones, who suffered from hair loss, she loved having hair that was reliable, strong, long, and thick. She viewed her hair as her armor. It gave her the confidence she needed to go out in the world. As a result, when her hair began to fall out, she immediately became introverted. This is not an unusual story for people who lose their hair. Many people are hesitant to go outside because of the way they look.

The most common form of hair loss in women is called androgenetic alopecia. It is also called Female Pattern Hair Loss, FPHL. This type of hair loss is mainly due to hormonal changes, aging, and genetics. When and if hair loss is reversed, women can look and feel younger, enjoying massive increases in their self-confidence and self-esteem. People will do anything they possibly can to get their hair back.