How Kinetic Energy Could Enable Hair Regrowth

A wearable device that sends very low levels of electrical pulses to your hair follicle roots could help to reactivate dormant roots. Your body motions might be enough to power the device.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison say your natural kinetic energy could generate electrical energy to power a wearable hair-restoration device. The devices use nanogenerators that can collect energy from your daily movements and send pulses of energy to your scalp.

Wherever you have dormant hair follicles and roots, the devices can help to regenerate them. It will not work on all dormant roots and cannot reverse extensive baldness. But research shows that it could benefit those who are experiencing the early effects of male pattern baldness.

Prior research has helped to show that very low levels and electrostimulation can help to regenerate dormant hair follicles. You just wear a device that sends the electrical pulses to your afflicted area for a period and go about your normal daily routines.

There is no pain or danger associated with the devices or using electrostimulation for hair growth therapy. The treatment can work on dormant roots and nothing more. So you will not see hair growth on your skin or other areas that do not contain hair follicles.  Some of the dormant follicles will remain dormant, but many will produce the desired results and help to thicken your head of hair.

Kinetic energy is a new wrinkle in wearable devices that helps to make them even more viable. Instead of bulky and relatively heavy batteries, the device just uses small nanogenerators. You will not have to install, wear, and replace batteries to keep your device working.

The electronic devices are small enough that you could wear one beneath a baseball cap and no one would notice. They produce no known side effects and have helped to restore hair growth in many subjects.

The electrical treatments are shown to be more effective than many competing products, and you only need one device to do it. The added benefit of harnessing your body movements to power the nanogenerators makes it a truly winning device that has a low risk and offers a high reward for wearers.