Male pattern baldness is something that impacts approximately half of all men over the age of 50. It is thought that there are more than 50 million men in the United States who suffer from baldness to some degree. Even though a lot of people view baldness as a natural part of aging, it can still lead to significant mental health impacts.

There are a number of reasons why men may start to lose their hair. Genetics can play a role, meaning that someone whose father suffered from hair loss may also develop hair loss. Hair loss is also more common in people as they get older. Hormones can also play a role in the development of hair loss.

Similar to other medical conditions, it is important for people to see a doctor as quickly as possible. That way, there might be a way to slow or stop hair loss. Hair loss can also develop as a side effect of numerous other medical conditions. For example, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure can also make it more likely for someone to develop hair loss.

Nutritional issues and medications can also cause someone to lose their hair. Iron deficiency, excess vitamin A, and malnutrition can all lead to hair loss. Blood thinners can also cause someone to develop hair loss.

Even though hair loss can be frustrating, there are treatment options available. For example, there are topical lotion medications that can help someone stop hair loss. This lotion can be placed on the crown of the head to slow hair loss. There are also surgical procedures that can help people who suffer from hair loss. Hair transplantation involves taking hair from one part of the head and moving it to another portion of the scalp. For example, hair from the lower back can be moved onto the head to help restore hair that might have been lost. New technologies are being researched and developed as hair loss is a struggle for many.