Did you know that approximately 40% of women experience hair thinning and loss? It’s an incredibly common problem, and several factors might be the reason behind it. There’s plenty of hype out there for remedies, especially the notion of scalp massage for hair growth.
For once, it’s evident that scalp massage is a great way to eliminate all the tension and leave us feeling sublime. But can the solution to all that hair loss and damage really be as simple as a regular scalp massage?
Dr. Nick Fisherman, Trichologist at the Wyndham Private Specialist Clinic, explains how a scalp massage is essential for improving blood circulation within the hair follicles. He believes with the right massaging technique, we might be able to cure the hair thinning issue.
Due to the scalp massages, the blood vessels under the skin dilate, and there’s more blood flow generated in the area. This stimulation, in turn, stretches the hair follicle cells, ultimately causing them to produce thicker hair strands.
Hair expert Zoe Irwin stated that you don’t have to do anything specific to your hair except create a healthier environment for it to grow in by scalp massage. Performing scalp massage daily will let you experience a better quality of hair growing through.
Moving on to the steps of scalp massage, as Dr Nick Fisherman explained before, the massage requires a specific technique. If you got about it massaging it in irregular patterns, it might take longer than usual for thicker hair to grow.
First, use your fingertips to massage the scalp and boost blood circulation. If you want to use a hairbrush for scalp massage that won’t damage your hair, try a flexible brush. For an acupuncture-like effect,
Zoe Irwin suggests pressing your scalp brush into the hair. You can make small circles in your hair using your fingertips or a hair brush to apply a little pressure on the scalp. It is also a very effective remedy to release tension and relieve headaches.
On a journey to prevent hair loss, you will have to change your lifestyle and adapt to healthy ways of living, exercises, diets, etc. many hair accessories and hair styling devices also contribute to hair loss. Hence, you might want to limit your use of such things for better quality hair growth.
Sometimes it’s evident that your hair follicles are perfectly functional, but stress and negative emotions can trigger this reaction too. Try meditation techniques to cope with stress in order to reduce hair loss.
There are multiple essential oils that you can use to massage your scalp, such as lemongrass, rosemary, lavender, ylang ylang, etc. in addition to these oils, use exfoliating scalp serums, a scalp brush, massager, manta brush, and thickening shampoo for best results.